Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Blues


Look at me my
dark scarlet heart disguised in pink
I am Look! At! Me!
Oh I'm the pure blue force of Want
howling through thin walls
like a prairie wind.
I am so large and empty
Why do the cheerios stick to the backs of my hands?
When I push the bear through the bars,
Why is it gone? I want that bear.
I want
Oh listen, the jingleshudder of ears getting up
the dog! Oh comecomecomecomecomecomecomecome
I want that dog.
Oh keep your pastel colours.
Boredom is a purple need. Hunger is vermillion.
I want my dark blue heaven milk mothermother
but the minute I fall into darkness she puts me down.
They do, they put you down. The big ones
only want one thing: to leave you alone.
You have to stay awake, see.
The big ones are my shepherd and I shall want
with the pure blue force
of a howling wind I want
the dog the bear the milk I want
every cheerio that fell on the floor I want
the brightest colours
all pressed hard against my gums
I want
the world
and it will not fit
in my mouth.

Poem by Barbara Kingsolver, baby by Laura.

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